epc division

Under EPC Power segment, we provide power transmission and distribution services.

In our EPC power transmission business, we design, engineer and procure the materials for the construction of up to 765kV power transmission lines. We have the ability to design, engineer and construct transmission lines for up to 1,200kV and substations up to 765kV.

Our EPC power distribution business focuses on design, engineering and procurement for constructing electricity distribution networks.

Advantages :

" Design, Testing, Fabrication, Erection and Construction of Transmission Lines "

Sturdy is a leading player in Power sector with focus on Transmission Lines, Distribution/Rural electrification and sub stations products and services.

Sturdy’s broad resources allow it to tackle multiple projects simultaneously while ensuring high quality and timely execution. Having an extensive vendor and subcontractor network coupled with highly qualified and experienced engineers and management personnel Sturdy have always ensured attention from the various clients and companies in executing all fronts of projects.

Sturdy’s innovative program management methods are best known within the industry as it starts with exclusive program management tool constructed to enhances cost savings and enabling the team to make better decisions and reduce errors on the job site by integrating real-time design and construction data portable.

Transmission :

Sturdy is one of the leading companies in the design, testing, fabrication, erection and construction of transmission lines and substation structures on a turnkey basis and the Company has tie up with the manufacturers of latest technology facilities for straightening, drilling, punching by FICEP ITALY CNC machines and automatic temperature controlled, hot dipped galvanizing procedure.

STURDY’s exclusive EPC solutions business unit extends services ranging from soil and top surveys, to planning and design execution of transmission lines and project management and support. The company is capable of putting up transmission line towers up to 800 KV, Sub-Station structures up to 400KV.


STURDY is key player in developing India powering rural electrification in a big way and is geared up to empower the nation's power sector in the years to come. In the Distribution sector, through its excellent solutions it provides electrical distribution infrastructure for all activities of a given project right from beginning to provide electricity to the various entire village or city.

STURDY today stands as a strategically-based company . Its workforce of 2,70 professionals, committed to the corporate philosophy, uphold the group's values of innovation, sustainability and total quality in all its actions. STURDY has made an indelible mark in Power sectors by constantly and consistently re-engineering itself to retain its position of leadership in the areas of quality,technology, capacity and capability.

STURDY is one of the leading Indian EPC player qualified for high voltage transmission line up to 765 kV and is ready for 1200 kV projects. Transmission sector orders depend on power generation capacity, upgradation of existing lines & inter regional connectivity requirement. A reliable evacuation and transmission system is therefore critical for the rapidly growing needs of the Indian power sector. Our capabilities under this segment include:

Transmission line projects –

Supply Contracts

Transmission line towers including Bolts & Nuts and Tower Accessories, conductors, Line Hardware, Insulators and Earth-wire

Construction Activities

Survey, detailed soil investigation, civil construction of foundations, erection of towers, stringing of conductors and testing & commissioning of line.


Our comprehensive end-to-end power solutions portfolio is designed, developed, and manufactured indigenously at our state-of-the-art facilities. Be it planning, design & development, procurement, right up to the erection and commissioning, we have successfully executed turnkey projects even in remote areas of India.

One of our core focus areas is turnkey high voltage and extra high voltage transmission line projects. Besides rural and urban electrification and distribution projects, we are also an active and major player in distribution automation and providing project upgrades.

Turnkey Products

Our turnkey services in the sphere of Transmission and Distribution of power are the key to our sterling growth. We not only conceptualize a project for our client, but also take charge of the various stages of the project including planning, design and development, procurement, right up to the erection and commissioning stage. This has made us the country’s largest integrated power solutions provider starting right from backend OEM to the application and servicing fronts.

Overhead Transmission Lines

One of the core focus areas of Sturdy Industries is Turnkey High Voltage and Extra High Voltage Transmission Line projects. Our advanced technical capability, financial capacity and superior managerial aptitude enable us to satisfy the customer on all counts of a concerned project.

Rural and Urban Distribution Projects

The turnkey solutions of Sturdy Industries also encompass rural and urban electrification and distribution projects. We conceptualize the project and lead it through the various stages of planning, design and development, procurement, erection right up to commissioning.

Substation Projects

Sturdy Industries also forays into other turnkey EPC projects. It is an active and a major player in the Distribution Automation and project upgradation segments.

Government and 50 percent as the beneficiary’s share and even 80% to 90% in many states as Central and State Govt subsidy to farmers.