Our Business
Sturdy Industries Limited (incorporated in 1989) is the flagship of the prominent Rs 700-Cr Chemiplast Group (established in 1975). Our business interests comprises Agriculture, power transmission and building material.

Our business cater to the following priority sectors:

Agriculture (manufactures specialized pipes integral to advanced drip and sprinkler irrigation systems)

Building products (manufactures aluminium composite panels)

Power (manufactures power transmission and distribution conductors of all sizes at Baddi, Parwanoo and Guwahati; all aluminium conductors; ACSR conductors; aerial bunched cables; all aluminium alloys conductors and supplies to Powergrid Corporation; various state electricity boards and private power transmission and distribution companies; aluminium wire rods; alloy wire rods for manufacturing cables and conductors).

We are among the top five in the agriculture infrastructure and among the top four in aluminium composite panel manufactures and top five in aluminium conductors in India.

The company’s micro-irrigation systems, sprinkler and drip irrigation systems and HDPE, PVC and LLDPE pipes are marketed under the Swati brand; metallic/coloured aluminium composite panels and sheets are sold under the Sunbond brand.



The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) approved the implementation of the existing Micro Irrigation Scheme as National Mission on Micro Irrigation(NMMI) The plan would be implemented during the financial year 2012-13 with an outlay of Rs 14242 crore. This method introduced in 1987 which become popular and results in 2.85 million hectare under micro irrigation upto financial year 2010. It help in increasing the yield & production and used for well & canal irrigated crops. It improves the quality of the fruits & vegetables. The MIS comprises 40 percent as central share, 10 percent as State Government and 50 percent as the beneficiary’s share and even 80% to 90% in many states as Central and State Govt subsidy to farmers.


This method save water from 40 % to 70% & Increase yield over 50%.It have ability to irrigate unshaped fields, safe use of recycled water,